Shakira on motherhood: “Nobody told me it would be this hard!”

Shakira expressed her thoughts about motherhood saying: “Nobody told me it would be this hard!”

Shakira gave birth three months ago to Milan and admitted that being a mother is not as easy as many people think and it is quite of a change from her past. During an interview with Weekly magazine Shakira talked about what being a mother meant to her and what is changed in her life. She said: “I didn’t expect babies to need so many diapers! Nobody told me they needed to be changed so often! I mean he’s a great, great baby. He’s an easy one, I think. But nobody told me it would be this hard. It takes a lot of energy from you. But I love it, I’m really enjoying every bit of it. It’s just that it’s not as idyllic as everybody tells you, but also not as horrible as everyone tells you.” 

Then she continued the interview talking about her weight issues and how it is to get back into shape, she added: “I guess our mothers and grandmothers weren’t under the pressure that women of today are after delivering a baby. My dad says that there’s nothing better than a little meat on the bone! He likes my mom a little chubby. So she was never under the pressure to get back to her old weight, and she never did, actually!”