Rod Stewart: ‘I bedded a guy by mistake once’

Rod Stewart admitted to have bedded a bloke by mistake once back in his good old player days

Rod Stewart told DJ Howard Stern this episode that happened in Australia:

“There was this beautiful woman and I was thinking, ‘Why aren’t the guys trying to chat her up? They said, ‘Rod, we have left her for you.’ It turned out she was a guy. I finished up in bed with a bloke who had a block and tackle. I thought, the guys have set me up, fair enough. I just said, ‘You stay there, I’ll stay over here.’”

Rod Stewart wanted to make it clear that nothing happened when he realised he was a man:  “There may have been a peck on the neck. I never really got into orgies. I tried it with a couple of Japanese girls a long time ago and I found it all a bit disappointing and distracting.”