Justin Bieber to photographer: “I’m gonna fuc**ng beat the fu*k out of you.” (VIDEO)

LONDON – Justin Bieber lost his temper with paparazzi who were waiting for him outside his hotel. Following the transcript of the row as it has been reported by ITN news:

Bodyguard: Watch out, give us some space guys.
Photographer: OK, OK.
[Bieber pushes photographer]
Photographer: Easy! Easy! That’s assault. That’s assault.
Bodyguard: Yeah, but you’re in our way. Relax.
Photographer: No, I moved out the way. F—–g little c—. That’s assault. F–k back off to America. F—–g little moron.
Bieber: What the f–k did you say? What did you say? I’m gonna f—–g beat the f–k out of you.
Photographer: You heard what I said. Lose your f—–g bouncers.

Watch the scuffle between Justin Bieber and the photographers: