"Britney Spears does drugs, farts, and picks her nose", said her bodyguard.

Britney Spears (AP photo/LaPresse)

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“Britney Spears does drugs, is rude, farts, and picks her nose, all the time”, that is what Fernando Flores, ex policeman who was Britney bodyguard, claimed.

Flores is suing Britney for sexual abuse.

The man asserted that Britney walked around in her house naked, often inviting him to join her bed.  In legal documents handed by Flores, he said she does drugs, both illecit and precription ones, such as: methamphetamine, and a substance used for heroine overdose.

Furthermore he accused the singer of being rude, farting, picking her nose, and not washing for days without being ashamed.

Flores claims $10 million compsensation for what he has been through.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano