Amy Winehouse’s autopsy within 24 hours

Amy’s death is still marked as “unexplained”, and it so it will be until the autopsy, that is expected within the next 24 hours, either today or tomorrow morning.

Scotland yard reported: “Inquiries continue into the circumstances of the death, which at this stage is being treated as unexplained. We do have people we’re speaking to but nobody has been arrested. A number of people were helping police with their inquiries but we are still trying to establish who was with her when she died. It’s fair to say these people are central to police enquiries in piecing together what happened before she died.”

On the contrary a Metropolitan Police spokesperson said at a press conference that is wrong to say Amy died due to an overdose beforehand.

Janis and Mitch, parents of Amy,  expressed the grief for the loss of their daughter. When his daughter died he was on a flight to New York, there are his words:  “This isn’t real. I’m completely devastated. I’m coming home. I have to be with Amy. I can’t crack up for her sake. My family need me. I’m devastated, it’s such a shock.”, and Janis added: “She seemed out if it but her passing so suddenly still hasn’t hit me. Amy always said ‘I love you mum’ when we would say goodbye. They are the words I will always treasure. I’m glad I saw her when I did.”

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