Worst beauty pageants’ answers ever (VIDEO)

Following there are the worst beauty pageants’ answers ever

The first one is the answer from the beauty pageant contestant Marissa Powell from Utah.

This is wha she mumbled:

Q: ‘A recent report shows that in 40 per cent of American families with children, women are the primary earners, yet they continue to earn less than men. What does this say about society?’

A: ‘I think we can relate this back to education, and how we are continuing to try to strive… to… figure out how to create jobs right now. That is the biggest problem right now. I think, especially the men are… um… seen as the leaders of this, and so we need to see how to… create education better. So that we can solve this problem. Thank you.’

The worst one must be the one from Miss Teen South Carolina Caitlin Upton back in 2007 that got almost 60million views on YouTube. Check out the answer below:

Her answer: ‘I personally believe that US, Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some, uh, people out there in our nation don’t have maps and, uh, I believe that our education like such as in South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as. And I believe that they should, our education over here in the US should help the US, uh, or, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future [for our children].’


SOURCE: metro.co.uk