WATCH Gwyneth Paltrow stripping off for the new trailer of Iron Man 3

7 March 2013

LONDON – Gwyneth Paltrow strips off in the new trailer of Iron Man 3. Other than the action bits there is also room for a steamy scene in which Gwyneth Paltrow takes her clothes off and ends up wearing just a bra. Enjoy the trailer:

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News anchor cannot help but laughing while presenting news on fat cat (VIDEO)

6 March 2013

NEW YORK – A US news anchor could not help but laughing when she was presenting a segment on a fat cat. As soon as she saw the cat wrapped up in a life jacket she just could not handle it and started to giggle. This is what she was trying to say: ‘Cats are [...]

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The awkward moment in which 50 cents decided to kiss Erin Andrews

28 February 2013

NEW YORK – The awkward moment in which Erin Andrews and 50 cents ran into each other whilst she was doing interviews on pit road. They ended up sharing a very weird kiss and Erin Andrews almost seemed worried and fearing a possible snog. Don’t miss out on the video:

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WATCH Liam Payne hitting Harry Styles in the nuts during gig

25 February 2013

LONDON – Liam Payne hit Harry Style during on of the One Direction’s gig. By the look in the face of Harry Styles it was a painful experience indeed. Shortly after the singer stopped singing for a bit. Watch the video of tha accident: SOURCE:

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WATCH Couple getting married 12m underwater

18 February 2013

NEW YORK – Some couples in Thailand decided to get married underwater on Valentine’s day. This is what an organiser said: ‘The first underwater wedding came about 18 years ago. Many tourists came here and left rubbish in the sea so we sent divers to go down and collect it. During that time two divers [...]

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WATCH Lana Del Rey new video Burning Desire’s premiere

14 February 2013

LOS ANGELES – Watch Lana Del Rey’s video for Burning Desire, the track will be featured for a later special movie called Desire. The film is supposed to be released this Spring. Enjoy the video:             SOURCE:

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WATCH Couples trying to beat world’s longest kiss record

13 February 2013

NEW YORK – Couples gathered in Thailand to try to beat the world’s longest kiss record. Nine couples entered the competitions at a beach resort of Pattaya. ‘We have been married for fifty years. We want to see if we can do it. I’m not sure if we’ll win because of our age but if [...]

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WATCH how to whips raw eggs into pancakes in less than 60 seconds

12 February 2013

NEW YORK – It’s something everyone would want to have an amazing invention that allows you to whip raw eggs into pancakes in less than 60 seconds, check out how it works below:

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WATCH Nanny caught hitting baby on CCTV

8 February 2013

NEW YORK – Watch this nanny who has been caught on a CCTV camera. The parents were shocked when they saw the footage. Check out the video:

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