Amy Winehouse died watching her videos on Youtube following vodka binge

8 January 2013

LONDON – The singer Amy Winehouse died while watching videos of herself on Youtube following a vodka binge. The singer drank so much alcohol and got to a point in which she did not manage to breathe anymore, so the Coroner reported. Amy Winehouse told her doctor, shortly before her death, that she wanted to [...]

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WATCH Kate Middleton victim of the Taiwanese animated news

5 December 2012

LONDON – Watch Kate Middleton victim of the Taiwanese animated news. Kate and William announcement is reported in a quite unusual and surreal way. Enjoy!

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Easy prom updo for long hair Formal wedding top knot hairstyle

20 November 2012

PARIS – This glamorous, sophisticated and chic hairdo is perfect for all formal special occasions and evening events such as prom, homecoming, graduation party, ball, reception, wedding guests, dancers and dance competitions. This classic dressy hairstyle will also look great as a bridal or bridesmaid hairdo.  

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Angry woman scares unwelcome bear away

5 October 2012

NEW YORK – It’s called : “The Bear Meets Nishanto”  and it has gone viral on Youtube. The video depicts an unwelcome bear that is attempting to make its way into the house. A voice in the video says: ‘Nishanto – the bear’s back!’, whilist the animal is working its way up the stairs towards [...]

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Tips on Posing for Photos (Portraits)

2 October 2012

NEW YORK – As Youtube:“Here are some easy tips on taking portrait photos! If you’re already a pro at taking photos, then there is no need to watch this video haha! Let me know if you would like to see a video on posing with the body. I’ll get an expert fashion photographer to share [...]

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Knot braid updo for medium long hair tutorial

1 September 2012

PARIS – In this formal elegant summer hair tutorial 2012 I’ll show you how to create a versatile updo suitable for work and office as well as for special occasions. There can be many variations of this look with different hair accessories and it works great on most medium and long hair types – thin [...]

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How to: remove hair with an epilator

20 June 2012

NEW YORK – Learn how to remove hair with epilator, it’s relatively cheap and definitely works!

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Pairings with Leggings

21 May 2012

NEW YORK – Today, we’re playing with leggings. They’re comfortable and easy to wear. make sure our tops pass our hips and hits our upper thigh, so that we’re not wearing them as jeans or pants per se, but rather as tights and leggings. They’re great to wear with tunics, jackets, oversized sweaters, long tops [...]

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Elegant half up half down hairstyle for medium long hair tutorial

21 May 2012

PARIS, FRANCE – This romantic look can decorate any half up half down hairstyle and you can wear it not only as an everyday casual hairstyle for school / college / university /work / office, but also for special occasions – for prom, homecoming, graduation party, ball, wedding guests and all kind of stylish special [...]

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