Karl Lagerfield would love to marry his cat Choupette if only it were legal

4 June 2013

  Karl Lagerfield would love to marry his cat Choupette if only it were legal Karl Lagerfield talked about the love for his cat Choupette on an interview with CNN’s Alina Cho on an episode of Fashion Week: Backstage Pass. Choupette is a white Siamese cat and he is very spoiled with even personal maids [...]

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Selena Gomez writes song about Justin Bieber

9 May 2013

Selena Gomez wrote a song about her ex Justin Bieber. Although the song is pretty disappointing since it does not contain any swearing Selena Gomez said that the song called  ”Love Will Remember” is about her past relationship with Justin Bieber. That’s what she told InStyle: “That’s the most personal track on the record for sure. [...]

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Photobomb ruins saucy Kate Upton photo shoot for GQ (VIDEO)

3 May 2013

The Korean comedian Ken Jeong ruined the saucy Kate Upton photo shoot she was doing for GQ magazine. Ken Jeong disturbed the two models and started to pose in funny positions to distract the models from getting into the saucy photo shoot mood. Watch the video below:

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Atlanta Hawks Cheerleader hits head on Hardwood (Video)

21 March 2013

Atlanta Hawks cheerleader hits head A Atlanta Hawks cheerleader had to be put on a stretcher and taken off the court after hitting her head on the hardwood during the NBA game between the Atlanta Hawks and the Dallas Mavericks Monday night. The girl, who’s been identified as Kristen, banged her head on the floor while attempting [...]

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Paris Saint-Germain chief Leonardo proposes to his girlfriend while she is interviewing him (VIDEO)

16 March 2013

MILAN – Paris Saint-Germain chief Leonardo popped the question to his girlfriend during a live interview with Anna Billo, his girlfriend. Leonardo got asked if he had any questions and he said: “Anna, will you marry me?” Anna replied nervously: “what kind of question is that? OK. Let’s move on.”, although Leonardo insisted until he [...]

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Justin Bieber to photographer: “I’m gonna fuc**ng beat the fu*k out of you.” (VIDEO)

9 March 2013

LONDON – Justin Bieber lost his temper with paparazzi who were waiting for him outside his hotel. Following the transcript of the row as it has been reported by ITN news: Bodyguard: Watch out, give us some space guys. Photographer: OK, OK. [Bieber pushes photographer] Photographer: Easy! Easy! That’s assault. That’s assault. Bodyguard: Yeah, but [...]

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Meet the man who owns over 2,000 barbies (VIDEO)

8 March 2013

NEW YORK – Meet Stanley Colorite the 41 year-old man who owns over 2,000 Barbie dolls. Stanley filled 4 whole rooms of his house with Barbies. Stanley Colorite started to collect Barbie back in 1997 and he has no intention of quitting. He also owns 3,000 Barbie‘s outfits, a plane, a car, and a dream [...]

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Girlfriend gets pushed off cliff by boyfriend and shouts: “I am breaking up with you” (video)

7 March 2013

NEW YORK – A girlfriend gets pushed off a cliff by the boyfriend when she was not expecting it. The girl was standing on the edge of the cliff and did not want to jump off once her boyfriend got close to her and promised her he was not going to push her off, but [...]

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News anchor cannot help but laughing while presenting news on fat cat (VIDEO)

6 March 2013

NEW YORK – A US news anchor could not help but laughing when she was presenting a segment on a fat cat. As soon as she saw the cat wrapped up in a life jacket she just could not handle it and started to giggle. This is what she was trying to say: ‘Cats are [...]

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