Woman lied about rape because she “didn’t enjoy” bad date she had with a man met online

4 December 2012

NEW YORK, USA – A 27 year-old woman has been charged with filing a false rape, eventually Lynette Lee admitted she did so just because she didn’t enjoy a date with a guy she met off the internet. At the beginning Lee said she got raped by a man she met on the website Meetme.com, [...]

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Woman tries to smother bf with 38DD breasts: “Hun,I wanted your death to be as pleasurable as possible.”

23 November 2012

BERLIN – A 33 year-old woman attempted to smother her boyfriend with her massive breasts. Franziska pretended it was all a sex game, whilst her actual intention was killing her boyfriend. The boyfriend said that despite their arguments, sex life had been normal before such accident. This is what Tim Schmidt said: ‘The incident happened [...]

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Woman walks around the city centre and ran into marijuana field

20 June 2012

FRANKFURT, GERMANY – Nina, a German woman, ran into a marijuana field while walking in the centre of Landstrasse in Friedberger. Once she jumped off the tramp she realised a green spot in the city and led by the curiosity realised it was marijuana, the area was 30 metres x 3 metres. Nina said: ” [...]

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Mother gouged out son’s eyes with spoon

29 May 2012

LONDON – It has been reported that Maria del Carmen Rios Garcia, 28, gouged her 5 year-old’s eyes out during a Satanic ceremony. She decided to do this horrible thing, because she calimed she thought the world was going to end next Sunday and believed they could stop the deadly earthquake by killing her son. [...]

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Man left with permanent erection after tattoo on penis

11 January 2012

TEHRAN, Iran – A 21-year old Iranian man is going to have to cope with a life-long stiffy after a tattoo artist sliced too deep into his penis, reports The Daily Mail. The unnamed Iranian patient wanted to tattoo the phrase ‘borow be salaamat’ – good luck with your journeys- and a dedication to his girlfriend [...]

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Indian bridge to collapse due to human saliva

7 January 2012

NEW DELHI  – Howrah Bridge is situated in Kolkata, India and it was built in 1943 during the British rule, and now represents one of the most famous symbols of Kolkata. Though the bridge is at high risk of collapse due to human saliva. You can stumble often in people who spit the so called [...]

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Man arrested after posting a photo of the duct tapped daughter on Facebook

29 December 2011

CHICAGO – Andre Curry, 21 years-old father from Chicago, was charged with aggravated domestic battery, after having posted a picture of her daughter bound with duct tape on Facebook. The photo depicts the daughter with blue tape on her hands, legs and mouth.  The photo was followed by the comment: ” This is wut happens [...]

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Meryl Streep can’t save superficial ‘Iron Lady’

26 December 2011

The same problems that plagued “La Vie en Rose,” starring Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf, exist in “The Iron Lady,” a biopic about Margaret Thatcher starring Meryl Streep as the former British prime minister. While both films feature strong performances from strong actresses playing strong, real-life women, the scripts are weakened by going strictly by [...]

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US yoga teacher named ‘world’s oldest’ at 91

22 December 2011

PINELLAS PARK, Florida – Bernice Bates is 91 years old, and she’s more flexible than people a third of her age. Guinness World Records recently awarded her the title of “Oldest Yoga Teacher.” While there might be other, older yogis, Bates completed the lengthy documentation process required by Guinness. Her daughter nominated her earlier this [...]

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