Homemade butter – cooking tutorial

21 February 2013

NEW YORK – If you follow this cooking tutorial by Yellowsaffron, you will realize that making your own butter (and buttermilk) is really easy and rewarding!  

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Caramel – recipe

12 December 2012

LONDON – Caramel is a staple in many dessert recipes: this video shows how to make dry caramel, wet caramel and caramel sauce!

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Sablé cookies – recipe

21 November 2012

NEW YORK -  Sablé cookies, excellent and very easy to make: let’s see how to do!

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Cantonese fried rice – recipe

9 November 2012

NEW YORK – Learn the secrets of a great dish, that is very popular in Western countries: the Cantonese fried rice. Let’s cook it together!

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How To Make Tandoori Chicken – Indian Video Recipe

7 November 2012

NEW YORK – Tandoori chicken is so delicious, a favourite all over the world. This is my recipe of how to make it. Cheers

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How to make chocolate cups with mousse inside

5 October 2012

NEW YORK – As Youtube reads: “Edible chocolate cups caring chocolate mousse inside. insane! Decadent and aerated mousse. You don’t have to temper the chocolate for the cups.”

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Donuts – Recipe

2 October 2012

NEW YORK – If you’re craving for donuts, make your own from scratch with this recipe, worthy of the Simpsons…!

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Why your friends have more friends than you?: the “friendship paradox”

26 September 2012

NEW YORK – Do you know what the “friendship paradox” is? Have you ever wondered why your friends have more friends than you do? In a article of the New York Times Steven Strongatz explained this: “When it comes to friendship and social networks, popular friends “contribute disproportionately to the average, since besides [having more [...]

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Lemon granita – Italian recipe

26 September 2012

NEW YORK – When hot weather hits, there’s nothing better than a super-refreshing lemon granita… very easy to make, no ice cream maker required!

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