Men who cook and clean have less sex, study reveals

31 January 2013

Being manly pays off. You can sit in front of the TV with a beer by your side while your wife is in the kitchen cooking your meal, ad don’t worry about her complaints because she will get her reward when you’re in bed. A new led by the Center for Advanced Studies at the [...]

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How to clean porcini mushrooms – cooking tutorial

7 November 2012

ROME – YellowSaffron will teach you how to clean porcini mushrooms: “The porcini mushrooms are highly prized for their rich taste and for the nutty flavour they add to dishes. Today you’ll learn how to prepare them for cooking. With a sharp, non-serrated knife, remove the dirt from the bottom of the stem. If the [...]

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How to make mirepoix (soffritto) – cooking tutorial

30 October 2012

NEW YORK – The mirepoix is the base for a variety of meat, fish or vegetable dishes: making a perfect soffritto is very easy!

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Apple charlotte – recipe

23 October 2012

NEW YORK – Learn how to get the perfect Apple Charlotte with the help of Yellow Saffron, as they say: “The charlotte is a delicious dessert: this is one of the most popular charlotte recipes, lined with ladyfingers and filled with apples, flavored with cinnamon and brandy!”

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Éclair filled with creme légère -How to make Pâte Choux

5 October 2012

LONDON – As Youtube reads: “Pâte Choux or cream puff pastry is the name for the dough used to make éclairs, profiteroles and cheese puffs. On this tutorial you will learn step by step how to make pate choux, how to check for the right consistency and how to finish your eclairs with a creme [...]

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Piadina bread – original Italian recipe

4 October 2012

NEW YORK – As Youtube reads: “Today we’ll leap over to Emilia Romagna to make Piadina. The Piadina is a traditional flatbread from the region and can be used as a substitute for bread. This flatbread is made of flour, lard, and milk or water. According to the Romagnola recipe, the bread can be cooked [...]

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Sausage and mushroom pasta pie – recipe

27 September 2012

NEW YORK – You need a few simple and rustic ingredients to cook a great and elegant pasta bake… the sausage and mushroom pasta pie!

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Concord grape ice cream in tuile cups – recipe

25 September 2012

NEW YORK – The concord grape ice cream, served in tuile cups, is a delicious and unusual dessert, to enjoy a taste of autumn!

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Omelette – recipe

22 September 2012

NEW YORK – As Youtube reads: “The classic omelette is a great recipe for a last minute meal! Let’s see together how to make it. For a savoury omelette, we’ll need: • BUTTER 1 ½ tbsp (20 g) • EGGS 2 large • SALT to taste Crack the eggs into a bowl and beat just [...]

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