Halloween layer cake – recipe

31 October 2012

LONDON -  How to make an amazing Halloween layer cake, that combines orange and chocolate flavors in a delightful way!

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Apple charlotte – recipe

23 October 2012

NEW YORK – Learn how to get the perfect Apple Charlotte with the help of Yellow Saffron, as they say: “The charlotte is a delicious dessert: this is one of the most popular charlotte recipes, lined with ladyfingers and filled with apples, flavored with cinnamon and brandy!”

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How to cut a cake into layers – cooking tutorial

20 September 2012

NEW YORK – Knowing how to cut a cake into layers is essential in many recipes… here’s an easy way to do it!

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Concord grape ice cream in tuile cups

14 September 2012

NEW YORK – The concord grape ice cream, served in tuile cups, is a delicious and unusual dessert, to enjoy a taste of autumn!

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Sachertorte – recipe

12 September 2012

NEW YORK – The Sachertorte is a chocolate delicacy, a masterpiece of Austrian cuisine… let’s see how to make it with Sonia!

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Mimosa cake – Italian recipe

31 August 2012

NEW YORK – A pretty yellow mimosa cake to celebrate the women in your life,  you can cook it anytime it’s very delicious!

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Yellow Butter Cake Recipe Demonstration

12 July 2012

NEW YORK – Stephanie Jaworski of Joyofbaking.com demonstrates how to make a Yellow Butter Cake. For this Yellow Butter Cake the two moist layers of cake are sandwiched together and frosted with a smooth and creamy chocolate frosting. This is one of my favorite party cakes and I often like to serve it with a [...]

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Whoopie pies – recipe

12 July 2012

BOSTON, USA – Today we’ll be cooking together the whoopie pies, amazing American treats with their origins in the Amish community. Do you know why they are called whoopies? Because when children found them in their lunch boxes, they shouted whoopee, expressing joy! Let’s make them together!

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How to Make Rocky Road Cake Pops like Starbucks

7 June 2012

NEW YORK – Learn how to make rocky road cake pops just like Starbucks, they taste like brownies and they are delicious!

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