Recently broke up? Go un-friend your ex on Facebook, or you will not get over him

NEW YORK – Have you recently split up? Is your ex boyfriend still in your Facebook friends list? If so, go delete him now! It might seem obvious for a lot of people, but it really isn’t. Some people decide to keep their ex’s in their friends’ list to act as mature people, but this will not make you get over him ever, or if it does it will take longer.

Psychologists said that if you keep still offline contact with one of your exs this will lead to a disrupt emotional recovery. Tara Marshal at Brunel University in the United Kingdom carried out a study on how many people have their ex’s in their friends and how many have un-friended them. This is what she said: “Facebook surveillance exacerbates feelings of distress over the breakup, as well as inducing more negative feelings. It also increases feelings of sexual desire and longing for the ex-partner (all of which leads to the “why the hell are you doing this to yourself” category of post-breakup questions).”

Those who did not have their ex’s in their list had more positive feelings and recovered pretty well. In a nutshell if you keep stalking your ex on Facebook you just keep intensifying the heartbreak, and it is something you really want to avoid, and this can lead to a total breakdown the day in which you find out your ex is in a relationship with someone else.