Prostitute twins retire after 50 years and having slept with 355,000 men (VIDEO)

AMSTERDAM – Louise and Martine Fokkens retired after 50 years in the sex trade and having slept with over 355,000. The two twins, 70,  used to work in the Red District in Amsterdam.

Now the two decided to quit the sex trade because it became too painful. Louise, who has four children, admitted that she has been suffering from arthritis and some positions are just too painfull.

Martine, on the other hand, noticed and complained about a drop in custom, although refused to give up an affectionate customer, Martine said: ‘I couldn’t give him up. He’s been coming to me for so long it’s like going to church on a Sunday.’

Now the prostitute twins hope they will make money with the movie on their life as prostitutes. Following the trailer: