Our specially designed ladder to fit the deck of the crib is

We defined the risk of malignancy index as UMserum CA 125 concentration (U/mL). As suggested in the original publication, a risk of malignancy index of more than 200 classified the mass as malignant.12Statistical analysisWe compared the simple rules with subjective assessment by an experienced ultrasound examiner, the risk of malignancy index, and the logistic regression models 1 and 2 in cases in which the simple rules yielded a conclusive result. We also assessed the performance of a strategy in which the simple rules were used as a triage test,21 with a second stage test (subjective assessment, risk of malignancy index, or logistic regression model 1 or 2) being used for masses for which the simple rules yielded an inconclusive result.We expressed diagnostic performance in terms of sensitivity and specificity.

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