Mother finds out KFC box has a mouldy bottom after she gave it to her daughter

A mother, Cherie Williams, found out that the KFC she bought for her 8 year-old daughter had a mouldy green slime bottom

26 year-old Cherie Williams was shocked to find out that the KFC was covered in green smile. The meal was bought at the chain’s restaurant in Bulwell, Nottingham, United Kingdom.

This is what Cherie Williams said: ’Usually I just give it her in her box, but luckily enough I tipped it out and the box was all green and mouldy.  My daughter had asthma as a baby and the doctor always said mould spores affect people with asthma even more so than other people. They didn’t even offer a £1.99 refund, or a replacement meal, not even an apology at first. It was disgusting. I tried the KFC customer careline but I couldn’t get through, the longest I was on hold was 45 minutes before I gave up.’

Then the grandmother, who originally bought the box, added:  ’The supervisor said the markings were just grease. I’m just so mad, she was just patronising and laughing and saying “it’s just where the chicken’s been”.’

Eventually a KFC spokesman said:

‘We’re very sorry for this as we don’t want any of our customers to have a bad experience in any of our stores. We have never had an issue like this before and are carrying out a thorough investigation to make sure that it is an isolated incident. Our customer care line will be in touch with Miss Williams to offer her a gesture of goodwill.’