Last words of 12 year-old boy: ‘Have a nice life mum, I just feel like killing myself’.

HARROGATE, UNITED KINGDOM – A 12 year-old boy commited suicide by hanging himself on the day he was excluded from the high school he attended.

12 year-old Jordan Green threw chairs around the classroom and swore at the school’s staff and also threatened them. At the beginning he was only excluded from the school for one day, but then his behaviour got worse and he received a permanent ban from the school.

The same day the boy left a note to his mother Heidi with written: ‘Have a nice life mum, I just feel like killing myself’.

The mother said she tried to get in touch with him: ‘He wouldn’t answer his phone and I thought “he obviously doesn’t want to speak to me”.’

Apparently Jordan’s behaviour worsened after the death of his grandmother and the divorce of his parents.


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