Ladies, no need to shave if all off down there. Men prefer it natural, study reveals

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – A study revealed that men’s preference on women’s shaving down there is natural rather than fully shaven. A survey that was carried out claimed that only 12% admitted to prefer women fully shaved down there.

Women no longer need to go for the so called Hollywood wax but they can go for the “Bermuda triangle” look which is less painful and one of the preferred ones by men. The survey’s results claim that the least favourite is the so called “G wax”, which men claim it looks weird and unflattering. This is what a 27-year-old man said about his girlfriend’s shaving preferences: ‘I like it interesting – like unwrapping a present and finding a surprise. I do prefer some hair so a design like the landing strip or heart shape is good for me and no surprise, vajazzling is popular in our town.’