Kangaroo attacked 94-year-old woman

(AP Photo/LaPresse)

QUEENSLAND, Australia – Phyllis Johnson, a 94-year-old Australian woman has been attacked by a rogue red kangaroo while she was in her garden hanging her laundry.

The kangaroo hit her and knocked her to the ground while kicking her several times. She first tried to defend herself by hitting the kangaroo with a broom, but it did not work.

She thought she was going to die, then the son called the police. When the police arrived they struggled with stopping the kangaroo, that was attacking them as well, so they had to wait for the arrival of the rangers.

Later the woman was admitted to the hospital, and she may need an operation, that is what the woman said: “I happened to have a broom nearby and I just started swinging at it. I bashed it on the head but it kept going for me. Not even the dog would help, it was too frightened. My son made me. I’m OK, although the ‘roo took a chunk of flesh out of my leg and there’s a chance they’ll have to operate.”

The red kangaroos are a species that can weigh about 200lb, be as tall as 6ft 7in, and jump more than 30ft.

Source: BBC News