Sleep in jail? only $30 a night

(AP Photo/LaPresse)

KANSAS CITY , USA – To test a new jail in Jefferson City, Missouri, 170 people decided to sleep in a cell for only $30 a night.  Among the guests: a lawyer and a couple who was celebrating their first anniversary. They did not only sleep in a cell, but they got to live the full jail experience: giving up their jewellery, mobile phones, and personal belongings, then they were photographed, the famous mug shots, and taken to their cell. They were allowed to keep their cell doors open, but still they felt that trapped sensations, because other cell doors were closed.

As for food they have been given cheesy pasta with turkey and coffee cake, some of the people who spent their night in jail said it was “pretty tasty”

Guests received as a souvenir a T-shirt, and their mug shot.

Source: Reuters