Feckless British father to soon have 17th son from 15th woman

Jamie Cunning

LONDON – Dundee man Jamie Cunning has been branded as England’s most feckless father. He has become a popular figure in the UK since it has been found that he has fathered 15 children from thirteen different women and two more are on the way, reports The Daily Mail.

Mr Cunningam’s current girlfriend, aged 19, is due to give birth to another boy next week while a 17 year old is believed to be expecting his 17th child. He first became a father at 17 years of age in Februrary 1995 but “once the baby was born, Jamie started a relationship” with his girlfriend’s daughter, reports gawker. The10 year long relationship ended with no children cut a whilte they were trying for one Jamie fathered a child with two other women in 1997 and one in 1998.

A string of children came to life during and Cunningham’s tenth son was born in 2007 and five months later his eleventh child also. He also mangaed to father a child with an Australian woman “who took their son back with her after she’d given birth.”

Last but not least, Jamie is unemployed and does not have enough cash to pay for his children’s education as he’s unemployed. All he does on Christmas day, for instance, is fit “between each of the women and will sometimes spend his money buying lavish gifts rather than buying food and clothes.”