European Union to vote on pornography ban

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – The European Union will vote on a proposal to ban pornography. The Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality already prepared a report which has been added under Article 17, which contains a clause that might cause the ban of pornography if it turns into law.

If the clause turns into law all pornographic material will be banned including all types of media and even the on Internet all over Europe. Some labelled the article as  an ‘unacceptable political invasion of people’s bedrooms’. This is what Fiorella Benjamin, who sits as a Lib Dem peer in the Lords, said: ‘I believe we have opened a Pandora’s box and I have no answer as to how we can reverse the trend of the sexual objectification of women and how to protect our children against its influence.’

The Article is yet to be voted and the voting will take place next Tuesday.