Do not trust Google Maps

The majority of people rely on Google Maps, but it might be not always right. Laurie Gneiding and Michael Brady would prefer if a lot of people did not follow Google Maps directions.

This is what happens if you look for directions for Round Valley State Park, and it will take you to Laurie and Michael house!.

A lot of visitors knocked on their doors to ask for entering New Jerset State Park, just because Google Maps took them there.
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This is what the couple said: “It started with one or two people but last year dozens of people were coming up, this year, someone told us that the directions for Round Valley State Park on Google Maps led them to our driveway.”

But it is not the first time that Google Maps is wrong, you really should not follow literally, try to get directions from China To Taiwan, and check the picture in the gallery.

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Immagine 1 di 2

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