The Queen photobombs BBC news while broadcasting (VIDEO)

7 June 2013

  The Queen photobombed BBC news while they were broadcasting on TV The two news anchors were very surprised as they saw the Queen behind their backs. This is what the Queen said about her visit: “It is a great pleasure to visit the BBC today, and to see it in its new home. I remember [...]

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Mother naked at the wheel killed after driving wrong way down motorway

27 May 2013

Zoe Aspland, a mother of five, was killed on a British highway Saturday night as she drove the wrong way and with no clothes on.  The mother was in her blue Ford Ka when she wound up on the wrong side of the M5. Asplane rammed into two cars and the impact threw her “out of the car.” [...]

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Mother finds out KFC box has a mouldy bottom after she gave it to her daughter

15 May 2013

A mother, Cherie Williams, found out that the KFC she bought for her 8 year-old daughter had a mouldy green slime bottom 26 year-old Cherie Williams was shocked to find out that the KFC was covered in green smile. The meal was bought at the chain’s restaurant in Bulwell, Nottingham, United Kingdom. This is what [...]

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Dalian: the Chinese city where men prefer sex dolls to real women

9 May 2013

Dalian is a Chinese city where men prefer sex dolls to real women The population in Dalian accounts for 50 million more men than women and that is the reason why the sex dolls industry is growing quickly. The video shows the visit at a Chinese sex dolls industry. The dolls feel and look real [...]

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The great momentum of several acquisitions and a playoff

30 April 2013

The current scheme looks outdated and could benefit from a face lift, he said. Wear has its own set of rules. It has to be visually appealing and perform a function at the same time. The great momentum of several acquisitions and a playoff appearance is wiped away from the impending lockout. Madison Square Garden [...]

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Student killed following gang-rape and “Maratha” written on body

29 April 2013

A young female student in the state of Karnataka, India, was gang-raped before the rapists murdered her with a stone and wrote the name of an Indian warrior caste on her body.   The 20-year-old female student was returning home on Friday evening after an examination at the Government Degree College in Belgaum. She was kidnapped by a group [...]

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By now, the route goes by quickly, he said

29 April 2013

Over 2o years ago, as a senior at the University of Kentucky, Ashley Judd was accepted into the Peace Corps. She chose to forgo both an official degree and the volunteer program to move to Hollywood and pursue a career in acting. It took 17 years until Judd finally obtained that Bachelor Degree in French. [...]

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Verma cautioned the media that failure to exercise self

28 April 2013

Speaking on “Content regulation in India” at the FICCI Media and Entertainment and Business Conclave 2011 in Chennai on December 3, Mr. Verma cautioned the media that failure to exercise self restraint and regulate their performance would provide “a justifiable reason” for intervention from outside. He claimed that in the last couple of years there [...]

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5%) were matched to an equal number of men who did not undergo

27 April 2013

Without diving too deep into the details of SQL queries, the basic form of a SQL statement for retrieving data from a database is as follows:Where the SELECT is the command and the rest of the query instructs the database engine what to retrieve and where to retrieve it from based on a criteria. The [...]

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