"Yeo Valley changed the game and it will never be the same"

In case you do not live in the UK,  you might have not watched the Yeo Valley ad campaign with over 1,800,000 views on YouTube.

Yeo Valley is based in Somerset, United Kingdom, and it is a family-run farming and diary company, that produces organic food.

The video of the ad below is part of an £5 advertising campaign that features the famous Yeo Valley Rap.

I leave you with the Yeo Valley ad and its lyrics, it is really worth watching!

The sun is up,
the milk is chilled,
it's going to be a good one.
Yo, yo.

Yo, I'm rollin' in my Massey on a summer's day,
chugging cold milk while I'm baling hay.
Yeo Valley's approach is common sense,
harmony in nature takes precedence.
My ride's my pride that's why you never see it dirty,
and I love it here man, that's why I'm never leavin' early.
I'm looking good in my cap and my shirt,
I'm representing for the West so hard it hurts.


We make this look easy
'cause we're proper modern with this farmin', believe me.
Wind turbines are shining, baby,
it's solar farming no buts no maybes.
Here we're down with the soil association
and we do lots of what? Conservation!
Sustain, maintain, it ain't no thing,
We set the bar, real leaders by far.

We change the game, it will never be the same
Big up ya chest, represent the West

This isn't fictional farming, it's realer than real,
you won't find milk maidens, that's no longer the deal.
I'm in my wax coat 'n' boots, I'm proper farmer Giles,
now look, you urban folks done stole our style.
I'm not a city dweller, me I like to keep it country,
the air is clean and all those cars won't make me jumpy.
It's different strokes for different folks, my man,
Just enjoy the results with what we do with the land.

Check out Daisy she's a proper cow,
a pedigree Fresian with know how.
Her and her girls they got their own names,%%anc%% if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link140″).style.display=”none”;}

We treat them good, they give us the cream.