Rihanna’s dad: “I think she needs to take a little rest”

Rihanna’s father expressed his concern for her health saying she needs to take it easy after just a week she has been ill.

Rihanna’s father had an exclusive interview with Heat Magazine. He told Heat: “She likes to enjoy herself, who doesn’t?” he told us. “I think she needs to cut down on the work more than partying.  She never tells me how hard it is, but I’ve seen the hours that go in, it can be 16 hour days, then she has to do the next thing and the next thing, like an appearance somewhere. The hours are long.”

Then he continued with his concern: “I always worry for her. But every time she sneezed as a baby I used to run the doctors! I think she needs to take a little rest, a break. I think she might be working too hard – it is a busy schedule. But business is business and she has to fulfill it. It’s taken a little toll on her and she needs to ease up.”

SOURCE: heatworld.com