A man got clinged on a car’s hood and was taken around for a ride by a woman driving a SUV (VIDEO)

8 May 2013

A man got clinged on a car’s hood and was taken around for a ride by a woman driving a SUV. Elton Kim claimed that he spotted a woman back into his wife’s SUV in the parking lot that was located outside of his cleaning business and decided to go outside and comfort her. Kim [...]

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Rihanna’s dad: “I think she needs to take a little rest”

24 April 2013

Rihanna’s father expressed his concern for her health saying she needs to take it easy after just a week she has been ill. Rihanna’s father had an exclusive interview with Heat Magazine. He told Heat: “She likes to enjoy herself, who doesn’t?” he told us. “I think she needs to cut down on the work more [...]

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Atlanta Hawks Cheerleader hits head on Hardwood (Video)

21 March 2013

Atlanta Hawks cheerleader hits head A Atlanta Hawks cheerleader had to be put on a stretcher and taken off the court after hitting her head on the hardwood during the NBA game between the Atlanta Hawks and the Dallas Mavericks Monday night. The girl, who’s been identified as Kristen, banged her head on the floor while attempting [...]

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Traci Lords: “I got raped at the age of 10 in Steubenville”

16 March 2013

NEW YORK – Porn actress Traci Lords revealed she was raped at the age of 10 while she was discussing the high school sex assault case in her home town. Adult movie actress Traci Lords was invited on Piers Morgan Thursday night to discuss about the rape of a 16 year-old drunk girl in her [...]

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Paris Saint-Germain chief Leonardo proposes to his girlfriend while she is interviewing him (VIDEO)

16 March 2013

MILAN – Paris Saint-Germain chief Leonardo popped the question to his girlfriend during a live interview with Anna Billo, his girlfriend. Leonardo got asked if he had any questions and he said: “Anna, will you marry me?” Anna replied nervously: “what kind of question is that? OK. Let’s move on.”, although Leonardo insisted until he [...]

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Meet the man who owns over 2,000 barbies (VIDEO)

8 March 2013

NEW YORK – Meet Stanley Colorite the 41 year-old man who owns over 2,000 Barbie dolls. Stanley filled 4 whole rooms of his house with Barbies. Stanley Colorite started to collect Barbie back in 1997 and he has no intention of quitting. He also owns 3,000 Barbie‘s outfits, a plane, a car, and a dream [...]

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Girlfriend gets pushed off cliff by boyfriend and shouts: “I am breaking up with you” (video)

7 March 2013

NEW YORK – A girlfriend gets pushed off a cliff by the boyfriend when she was not expecting it. The girl was standing on the edge of the cliff and did not want to jump off once her boyfriend got close to her and promised her he was not going to push her off, but [...]

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Cute kid lies about eating sprinkles (VIDEO)

6 March 2013

NEW YORK – John lies about eating sprinkles. Despite having sprinkles on his face when his mother asked him who ate the sprinkles he keeps denying the obvious. Enjoy his acting performance:

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Dabrowska: “Playing the girl in the red coat in Schindler’s List left me traumatized”

4 March 2013

KRAKOW, POLAND – Oliwia Dabrowska, 24, who played the girl in the red coat in Schindler’s List said that playing her role left her traumatized her for years. Oliwia was only 3 years old when  she played the role of the little girl with the red coat who stands out and saves over 1,000 jews [...]

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