Watermelon freeze

Watermelon is Summer’s quintessetial fruit. CTAL-TA It’s a moisturising fruit like few others and Sicilians eat it by the lots with lemon or cocoa.


A 5kg. watermelon

100g of sugar

80grams of starch sugar every per litre of watermelon juice

20gr of dark chocolate chips

Jasmine flowers



Make a  jasmine tea and put it aside. Cut the watermelon, get rid of all its seeds and start mashing it. Pour the juice into a saucepan with the starch and the sugar. OG0-093 Quantities will vary depending how much juice you got from your watermelon. Add jasmine tea and cook over low heat. Keep stirring until the mix has creamy-like density. Pour into moulds of various sizes. Cool for about an hour. Add the chocolate chips and serve.