Soylent: The all-in-one drink that can replace eating

ATLANTA, UNITED STATES – A 24 year-old man seemingly invented an all-in-one-drink, Soylent, that can replace eating.

Rob Rhinehart, a software engineer, invented a drink called Soylent that contains, in his opinion, all the vital elements of a balanced diet. Rob Rhinehart came up with this idea because he did not want to cook anymore and he claimed that his all-in-one-drink saved him a lot of money and hours of cooking.

Apparently the yellowish drink even tastes good, this is what its inventor, Rob Rhinehart, said to the website ‘I was home for Christmas and saw an elderly family friend get admitted to the hospital after losing an unhealthy amount of weight. He was losing strength in one of his arms and found it very difficult to cook. I started wondering why something as simple and important as food was still so inefficient, given how streamlined and optimised other modern things are. I also had an incentive to live as cheaply as possible, and I yearned for the productivity benefit of being healthy. I’d been reading a lot of books on biology and I started to think that it’s probably all the same to our cells whether it gets nutrients from a powder or a carrot.’

Then the inventor kepts explaining how Soylent is complete and does not lack any vital nutrient: ‘We need carbs, not bread. Amino acids, not milk. It’s still fine to eat these whenever you want, but not everyone can afford them or has the desire to eat them.’

Following the list of all the ingredients:

Carbohydrates (200g): Protein (50g): Fat (65g): Sodium (2.4g): Potassium (3.5g): Chloride (3.4g): Fibre (5g): Calcium (1g): Iron (18mg): Iodine (150ug): Magnesium (400mg): Zinc (15mg): Selenium (70ug): Copper (2mg): Manganese (2mg): Chromium (120ug): Molybdenum (75ug):  Vitamin A (5000IU):  Vitamin B6 (2mg): Vitamin B12 (6ug):  Vitamin C (60mg): Vitamin D (400IU): Vitamin E (30IU): Vitamin K (80ug): Thiamin (1.5mg): Riboflavin (1.7mg): Niacin (20mg): Folate (400ug): Biotin (300ug): Panthothenic Acid (10mg): Plus extras not considered essential:  Lycopene (500ug): Omega-3 Fatty Acids(750mg): Ginseng (50ug): Gingko Biloba (100ug): Lutein (500ug): Alpha Carotene (140ug): Vanadium (100ug)