Rice sartù

ROME- Sartù is a 17th century recipe that was created in Naples and then spread throughout the kingdom of the two Sicilies. The name originates from the French word “tout sour” because the recipe was imported from French chefs and it has since become a distinguishing feature of the Neapolitan cuisine. I like to leave my ‘sartù’ sauce nice and simple, and so not use meatballs and a ragù sauce otherwise it would take too long to cook.

Ingredients for 6:

Carnaroli or Arborio rice g.500 cost € 1.00

Beef and pork meat mixed g.300 cost € 4.00

Tomato sauce g.800 cost € 1.00

Parmesan cheese or scratching. g.200 cost € 1.50

3 eggs cost € 1.00

Spring peas surg. g. 500 cost € 1.50

Galbanino / mozzarella g. 300 cost € 2.50

A bouilloncubes, 1 onion, 1 carrot, 1 celery, basil, oliveoil, breadcrumbs, ½ cup wine, salt,pepper cost  € 0.50

Total cost: € 13.00


Cut a medium sized onion in very thin slices and sauté them in a wide aluminium pan with water and oil. As soon as the onion begins to brown take a few slices out of the pan and put peas and the ragù sauce in. Pour the paste in the pan, add some fresh basil and cook for 10 minutes. Put the rice in the pan, add some cooking water a stock cube to the paste and cook for 10 minutes. Keep adding hot water  every time the rice thickens but don’t turn it into a mash. Make sure the rice is always a bit humid.

Chop up an onion with some carrots and celery. Put everything in a pan with some oil over low heat and then add the two types of ground beef. Blend the lot with half a glass of wine and cook for 5 minutes. Add half a ladle of sauce that you had previously set aside, add salt and pepper to your liking. Cook this ragù for as long as the rice cooks. As the ragù cooks, put the spring peas in a pan with onion, water and salt. Cook for 10 minutes.

Also, boil two eggs.

At this point, all ‘sartu’s ingredients are ready. Now take a large aluminium pan and add oil in it. Once the rice is seasoned grate parmesan cheese on top and the bottom. Arrange in layers the meat sauce, the peas, the sliced boiled eggs and the galbanino cheese in the pan. Cover the whole lot with the other half of the rice, spreading it all out with a spoon.

Now beat an egg and mix it with the tomato sauce and a pinch of grated cheese. The cheese will give the whole dish a nice and yellowy crust to it once you will have pulled the pan out of the oven. Bake for 10 minutes at 160 degrees Celsius.