Pear flavoured cod

A friend of mine on Saturday asked me to avoid crowded restaurants and prepare a meals at his place. So we both jotted down on a sheet of paper what was in our fridges. My friend had potatoes, onions and raisins. I had dried cod, green olives, capers and tomato paste in my fridge and bought a couple of pears on the way to my friend’s house.

Here’s what I came up with:

Ingredients for 4 people:

Codfish sponged Kg.1, 00 cost € 30.00

Potatoes g. 800 “€ 0.50

2 onions, 100g. capers, 200g. crushed olives,

50g. raisins, 50g. capers, 2 pears, salt, pepper

Olive oil, ½ cup dry white wine, parsley € 4.50


Total cost per person € 35.00


Thinly slice the onion and sizzle in the pan with a tablespoon of oil and a bit of water. When the water dries out add the cod that you previously cut into rectangular slices 6/8cms long into the pan. Brown the cod on both sides then sprinkle the dry white wine on top. Remove the cod and put the potato slices, two tablespoons of tomato paste, the two pears and desalted capers in the pan.

Add a bit of water into the pan and cook the whole lot for about 20 minutes over medium heat. Add a few pinches of salt and once the potatoes soften add the cod, the green olives and raisins into the pan. Once it’s cooked cut the pears into quarters, add a touch of extra virgin olive oil a few sprinkles of raw pepper and salt if needed. Let everything sit in the pan for ten minutes so the flavours blend together well.