Sicilian cartoccio filled with ricotta cheese


Flour 1kg.

Lard 100gr.

Sugar 100 gr.

Salt 15 gr.

Beer Yeast 40 gr.

Half a litre of water

One egg

Sheep ricotta cheese 800 gr.

Caster sugar 300 gr.

Chocolate chips 100 gr.


A pack of tubular steel rods 10cm long


Lay the flour on a board and shape it as a volcano by making a hole on the top of it. Add water, lard, sugar a pinch of salt and the yeast you have previously watered down with warm water. Knead the dough then place it in a bowl and cover it up with cling wrap until it double its volume.

Take a piece, the size of a fist, off the dough, roll it out until its 10-15cms long with a 4cm diameter.

Pour a little oil on the round steel rod and wrap the dough all around it. Do not loosen your hold on the dough as you secure both ends of it together.

Pour some peanut oil in a pan, heat it up and put the rolls in the pan. Simmer the rolls until they have a crispy yellowy colour.

Take the cartoccio’s filling out of the fridge. The filling is usually made the night before by mixing sugar and ricotta cheese together in a bowl. Add chocolate chips and cinnamon into the mix and the filling is ready. Now fill the cones with the filling. Once it’s done roll the cones onto a layer of sugar.

Another cake that can be done with the dough is the Iris. Take a piece of the dough and shape it like a loaf. Put the ricotta filling in the middle of the dough and cover it up with extra dough. Roll the dough in breadcrumbs and panfry it.

Now make croissants. Take the dough shape it like a croissant and add chocolate chips all over it. Brush the croissant with egg and cook it in the oven.