Bottega Veneta weaves exclusive summer collection

(AP Photo/LaPresse)

MILAN – Bottega Veneta is always elegant, but this season creative designer Tomas Maier outdid himself with a collection that exudes luxury yet never flaunts it. His secret lies in personalizing a fashion concept so that every woman feels that the clothes are made just for her. In the preview Spring-Summer 2012 collection presented Saturday, the brand’s motto, “When your own initials are enough,” translates into mixing fabrics and colors to create a unique blending effect for next summer’s styles. Thus, a mix of leather and fabric and a contrast of black and brown make up the pleats of a skirt, while bands of different shades and materials are worked together to create a multi-scarf effect for the dresses. Prints and embroidery, too, are a combination of shiny and opaque, color contrasts and mixing of fabrics. The overall feel is of something very special, which even when Maier uses pleats, the comeback item of the current Milan fashion week, seems unique.

The silhouette is classic but sensual, a combination of a tailored cut and fluid lines. Layered fabrics alter the apparent line of a dress, making it look flowing and linear at the same time. Designer jeans have been around for some time, but Maier’s mixing of fabrics raise denims in the couture class. The summer palette is colorful and rich with chocolate brown, burnt orange, emerald green and blood red sharing the canvas with various shades of blue. The latest ultrasoft Bottega Veneta handbag also benefits from the mixture technique, including six different treatments of crocodile and wrinkly lambskin. Footwear is flat in front with a straight high heel, which sometimes has a touch of mirror, creating an extra skinny optical illusion.