Take your favourite perfume always with you in your bag with Travalo

NEW YORK, United States – Have you ever wanted to take your favourite perfume in your bag?, here it is the solution it is called Travalo.

Travalo is a pocket sized perfume spray bottle that you can refill in just a few seconds directly from a big fragrance spray bottle, it really requires no skill, and you can get over 65 sprays with it. To see how it works click on the video below, or if you want to see more pictures click on the photo gallery.

You can purchase Travalo directly on their official website or on amazon. So what are you waiting for? Get your favourite perfume and take it with you!


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Immagine 1 di 12

A thanks to Travalo for sending us these lovely products.

If you want further information about Travalo, go on their website by clicking this link: Travalo.com, or asking info on their Facebook Fan Page.