Get the Look: Jessica Stam

Jessica Stam (AP Photo/LaPresse)

LONDON – Jessica Stam is one of the hottest Victoria's Secret model, a lot of girls love her eyes and make-up.

Following I will teach you how to look like her in less than 10 minutes.

1. Apply a base to your eyes, the same colour of your skin.

2. Apply a gray eyeshadow all over your lid and into your lower outer corner.

3. Apply a black khol pencil into your upper and lower waterline. It does not matter if it gets smudged or melts, it will give that messy look to your smoky eyes.

4. Take a blending brush and smudge the gray eyeshadow in the lower part of your eye into the black pencil that melts.

5. Take a chocolate light brown and blend it into your socket up to your eyebrow bone.

6. Do your foundation and a touch of bronzer under the apple of your cheecks.

7. Apply clear natural lip gloss and you are done!