Get The Look: Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera (AP Photo/LaPresse)

NEW YORK, USA – Look like gorgeous Christina Aguilera with just a few easy steps to follow:


1. Apply a gold eyeshadow all over your lid, and then apply a chocolate eyeshadow into your socket and blend it upwards

2. Apply a creamy vanilla eyeshadow into your eyebrow bone (i.e MAC ricepaper)

3. Line your upper waterline with a black khol pencil to intesify your eyes

4. Line your lid with an eyeliner, make sure you draw a very thin line, you just need this step in case you want to apply fake eyelashes just like Christina

5. Apply fake eyelashes, to achieve a look similiar to the picture apply eyelure in Nicola

6. Fill in your eyebrows

7. Apply your foundation of choice, than apply a pink blusher ( i.e MAC dolly mix)

8. Apply a red lipstick (i.e MAC Russian Red), the important thing is you have to make sure that the red is a blue based lipstick, this will make your teeth look whiter, if you pick an orange toned lipstick (i.e MAC Lady Danger) your teeth will look more yellow.

And You are done!